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Born for research, now accessible to everyone

wonderGene is a portable laboratory. Thanks to customized protocols and reagents, it can be used for quality control, food safety and species identification. Our mission is to make genetic accessible to everyone, in any context and condition.

wonderGene has been developed to mitigate a pain of the scientific research: the lack of portable equipment to perform genetic analyses directly in the field. After four years of research, we have designed a cordless, compact and portable laboratory that contains in a single case all the necessary components to perform these analyses anywhere and under any condition. Nowadays, we are improving our product to address it to people that are not experts on genetic analyses. We have focused on the agri-food industry. In this sector the quality control, the traceability of products and the food safety are fundamental processes to monitor. These standard procedures are usually controlled by microbiological analyses, that are highly time-consuming. With wonderGene and the custom protocols and reagents that we have developed the non-expert users could genetically certificate their products increasing their accuracy and saving time.



Ana Rodriguez Prieto, graduated in Biology and Biochemistry. She is the inventor and the developer of the project. Her role is related to the development of the portable laboratory and the custom protocols. She is using her experience in genetics to obtain the most suitable product.

Laura Eccel, graduated in Biology. She specialized in project management and science communication. Her contribution is related to the communication of business strategies, the management of projects and the coordination of the commercial and marketing strategy.

Ana and Laura, thanks to their professional skills, will deal with the technical and scientific development of the product, communication and marketing. Furthermore, the team is formed by a mechatronic designer and a software developer. The present team will be enlarged with a designer, an administrative consultant and a salesperson.