Wonder Technology

Data Science for the Business


  • AI
  • Digital
  • E-commerce


Data analytics; Marketing; ICT


Wonderflow extracts actionable insights from any kind of consumer feedback such as online reviews, surveys, emails, etc. to support companies in product innovation and strategic marketing. Over the last 5 years WF has worked with more than 20 of “Fortune 1000” such as Philips, Samsung, TomTom, Uber, DHL. The customer is guided towards a methodology of customer centricity.


Contatto: Giovanni Gaglione
Web: www.wonderflow.co


Wonderflow is a fast growing company. The headquarter is in Amsterdam and R&D in Trento, with collaborators spread in 16 different countries. We always invest in technology, research and innovation with the scope of changing the way brands design and market their products and services.