Studio Obliquo


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  • Education
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Gaming; Education


[Business Idea]

Studiobliquo is a design studio involved in educational and entertainment projects. The group comes from a three-year experience at the University of Trento – Department of Information Engineering and Science and Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences.

We believe in an innovative approach where game design and cognitive science can coexist within a vision that crosses the areas of education, design and play in an oblique way.





Zeno Menestrina

He has a Ph.D. in computer science obtained at the University of Trento. He is interested in designing and developing games and video games.
He is project manager and programmer in StudioBliquo.

Angela Pasqualotto

She is a PhD student of the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences of the University of Trento, she collaborates with ODFLab of the University.
Her research interests is to evaluate innovative treatments of developmental dyslexia.
She is scientific director of StudioBliquo.

Adriano Siesser

He studied at the Fine Arts Academies of Bologna and Venice. He works in cultural mediation and illustration.
He is game designer and visual artist of StudioBliquo.