Securing health data


  • Health
  • ICT
  • Personal data
  • Security


Healthcare; ICT;

Abstract provides to health app developers a secure Database and Backend as
a Service to store health sensitive data in compliance with EU/GDPR and
US/HIPAA data protection laws and security standards. With health companies can solve security and law compliance issues,
speed up app development and time to market, saving time and money.


SME Instrument Beneficiary


Chino Srls
Via S.G. Bosco 27
Rovereto, 38068, Italy

Jovan Stevovic, CEO


  • Jovan Stevovic, CEO and co-founder, PhD in Computer Science on privacy
    and health data management. 5+ years on ICT for healthcare sector.
  • Stefano Tranquillini, CTO and co-founder, PhD in Computer Science.
    mHealth R&D projects at national and European level.
  • 2 junior developers part-time on SDKs and UI/API.
  • collaborators on legal aspects, development and marketing.