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KISSMYBIKE - Anti-Theft System for Bikes


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KISSMYBIKE – Anti-Theft System for Bikes

KISSMYBIKE is a new anti-theft system designed exclusively for bicycles. The system alerts you instantly at the moment your bike is tampered or moved unexpectedly. It combines cutting edge satellite and mobile technologies to track accurately your bike location in the event of theft. KISSMYBIKE ensures you to find your loved bike.


Installed into a bike construction and hidden from hand and eye. The possible installations include seat tube, wheel hub, pedals, etc.


The combination of smart adaptive algorithms and energy efficient hardware ensures that the system draws battery power only in the event of theft.


The combination of GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth technologies provides an accurate positioning in both outdoor and indoor environments.


Via dei Solteri 76, 38121 Trento, Italia
R&D Piazza Manci, 17 Povo Trento


Ivan Minakov, PhD

HardwarePassionate HW & SW designer for consumer electronic products with 10 years of experience. He is responsible for electronics production, assembly, firmware development and final testing.

Uladzimir Kharkevich, PhD

SoftwareBright software engineer with experience in developing knowledge management applications. He is responsible for development of web-based GPS tracking services and mobile apps.

Nadya Bobova, PhD

CommunicationAmbitious researcher in the field of sociology and experienced B2B industrial marketing specialist. She is responsible for market research and analysis, positioning, development of communication strategy.