Blue Tentacles

Don’t change your irrigation system, retrofit-it


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Don’t change your irrigation system, retrofit-it.

BLUETENTACLES is is an advanced irrigation solution that aims to irrigate only when it is necessary, retrofitting exiting irrigation systems with a cloud-based artificial intelligence based on climate and soil humidity data. BLUETENTACLES solution has a positive impact for farmers and irrigation consortia increasing the water availability by means of a better management of water resources, contributing in the reduction of the water scarcity problems. BLUETENTACLES has an ecological impact in terms of water­waste and energy­waste


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Bluetentacles has been founded by a group of experienced engineers with multiple skills in the fields of Web Based Irrigation and Monitoring Systems, IoT Infrastructures, Software Development, Environmental Engineering and Agronomy.

All these competencies have been put together to create a company able to compete and succeed in the fields of Irrigation, Precision Farming and Environmental Monitoring at a global level.