Giving voice to emerging art


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Sharing economy


Artaxy is a platform that connects contemporary emerging artists with commercial or private space owners interested in decorating their location, and art lovers who want buy emerging art. .


Contemporary emerging artists, like painters, photographers and sculptors, have difficulties to show and sell their works. Business owners (like restaurants, coffee shops, retailers), professional studios (like dentists, notaries public, law firms) and home owners have walls to decorate with style to improve their image and location atmosphere. Art lovers want to enjoy live art everywhere, not only in galleries, and be able to buy it.


Web platform that allows emerging artists and space owners to create their profile, insert their information (location, art portfolio, space details) and allow them to match one other.
A mobile app that allows art lovers to easily buy the art they see in the “Artaxy” locations by scanning a unique identifier QR Code.



  • CEO: Giampaolo Franco.
    Master Degree in Computer Science.
  • CTO: Sridhar Bangalore Venugopal.
    Master Degree in Information Security.
  • COO: Gabriele Cazzola.
    Degree in Sociology. Product development and Graphic design.