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2ASPIRE is an innovative company based in Trento, Italy. If you are a mobile app developer or owner, we have what you need. We do automatic monitoring, reaction, and anti-tampering protection of smartphone apps. AppCutter automacally protects security assets in mobile apps, via integrity checks and code dislocation.


In 2016, 2ASPIRE won the 1st prize in D2T competition for the best IT idea in Trentino. Thanks to this result, the team was selected to represent Trentino at Premio Nazionale Innovazione 2016, held in Modena.
In 2016, the team was also selected to participate in the Cybersecurity preincubation program, held in Rome by Luiss Enlabs and sponsored by Cisco. The team was selected to present its business idea in the public event that concluded the program.
In 2017, the startup was selected by TIM WCAP as one of 4 startups accelerated by TIM in their Milan HQ. The program was successfully completed by the end of March 2018.
In 2018, 2ASPIRE has been recognized as official FBK spinoff.


Andrea Avancini
www 2 aspire eu


Andrea Avancini (Founder and CEO)

Andrea worked as research in security and software engineering for 8 years. He obtained the PhD in Computer Science from the University of Trento with a thesis related to the security of websites and smartphone apps.

Mariano Ceccato (Founder and CTO)

Mariano is a researcher with more than 13 years of experience in the Software Engineering research unit. His experience includes software security and code protection. He obtained the PhD in Computer Science from the University of Trento.