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  • Crescita economica ed Innovazione
  • Industria 4.0
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The strategic targets of the Cluster can be summarized as follows:

  • enhancing the competitiveness of the Italian manufacturing industry through the design and implementation of a series of research initiatives for the development of new enabling technologies;
  • preserving and cultivating in Italy advanced skills for manufacturing;
  • improving Italian companies’ performance in attaining international funds;
  • increasing the Return On Investment of research projects;
  • supporting the entrepreneurship and the growth of companies thanks to the involvement of private investors.
    In addition, the Cluster has defined with its partners a multi-year development roadmap that contains the vision and the strategies for the future of the Italian Manufacturing sector.


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Il progetto

The National Technologic Cluster Fabbrica Intelligente (CFI) is the first of the eight Clusters admitted by MIUR notice to the facilitations, its goal is to develop and implement a strategy based on the research and the innovation in order to consolidate and increase the national competitive advantages and, at the same time, to direct the transformation of the italian manufacturing sector toward new products systems, processes/technologies and productive systems.


The Italian Technology Cluster “Intelligent Factories” has submitted 4 Projects to MIUR providing for the development of industrial research activities and connected training activities of researchers and/or research engineers, suitable for developing the necessary connections between industrial and base research. Their overall cost amounts to about 43 million Euros.