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Innovation Ecosystems

Innovation ecosystems are physical and digital spaces made up of subjects from complementary worlds - education, research, business, public administration and citizenship - offering distinct skills to create value.

Innovation Ecosystems

Local governments play an essential role in the development and dynamic evolution of ecosystems, through innovation policies and regulations aimed at increasing competitivity of the economic and social system as a whole.

As an instrumental body of the Autonomous Province of Trento, HIT contributes to drafting strategic documents and elaborates analyses, studies and data, useful for provincial policies and planning in the field of research, technology transfer and innovation.

Through our “Innovation ecosystems” area we map and listen to the territory, carry out technological and market trend analyses for the world of research, promote the Trentino research system and innovation processes with the public administration.

Through the enhancement of research, we aim to define and nurture processes that generate repercussions on the economic and social well-being of the population who live, study, work, or spend part of their time in Trentino.

One of the focuses of our analyses and activities is the technological reinforcement of smart specialization areas, identified by the Autonomous Province of Trento as part of their Smart Specialization Startegy 2021-2027, in which we helped drafting the following content: 

  • Sustainability, mountains and energy resources
  • ICT and digital transformation
  • Health, nutrition and lifestyles
  • Smart industry

Find out more about the Smart Specialization Strategy 2021-2027 of the Autonomous Province of Trento:

Watch the video dedicated to S3:

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