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Social media policy


The official Facebook page, the Twitter profile, the Linkedin account and the Youtube channel are the only official channels of Fondazione Hub Innovazione Trentino present on social media.

Fondazione Hub Innovazione Trentino (from now on HIT) uses social media platforms to listen to online users and provide transparent information on the main activities and news concerning the organisation as a whole. The content proposed may be original, i.e. produced by HIT staff, or may consist of third party reports where the topics are relevant to the areas of HIT’s activities or of general interest.

The accounts have an institutional and service character. Account interactions are for introductory purposes only.

More information on the organisation and activities and projects of HIT can be found on the website www.trentinoinnovation.eu .  The site provides the possibility to subscribe to a dedicated newsletter. For job opportunities and contacts of active research or support staff, please refer to the appropriate sites accessible from the HIT institutional website. Similarly, the acts published in the Transparent Administration section can be accessed.

Content and Regulation

The information disseminated on the official social channels is general, not exhaustive and concerns projects and initiatives of HIT or project partners. In social networks, all users can express their opinion while respecting others; everyone is responsible for what they publish.

Everyone is asked to express their ideas in a fair and measured manner and with full respect for the opinions of others. Insults, vulgarity, threats, will be collected and communicated directly to the competent offices who will assess whether and how to intervene. Users posting content such as spam/malware, advertisements or offensive messages will be reported to social media and, if repeated, will be blocked according to social media procedures.

Published content must respect the right to protection of users’ personal data. References to facts or details without public relevance, violent, offensive or discriminatory attitudes with respect to gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, personal beliefs, ethnic origin, disability must be avoided.

To protect the privacy of users, the publication of personal data (e-mail, telephone number, social security number, etc.) should be avoided. Those who wish to refute any content published by us are requested to accompany their comments with links to reliable sources of information.

Following a social network page or entering it in lists of interest does not mean sharing its lines of thought; the same applies to retweets, likes and messages on the account published by users. In these cases, HIT merely verifies compliance with these guidelines and the reliability of the source.


Moderation by HIT in its own spaces takes place in the hours and days following the publication of comments by users, without a precise timeframe, and is aimed not only at containing any behaviour contrary to the rules of use, but also at possibly directing users towards further opportunities or in-depth content as a result of questions or curiosity aroused by the starting points.

For obvious reasons of privacy protection, no personal cases may be dealt with, but general information of common interest will be provided and reiterated. Messages containing insults, vulgarity, threats, violent, offensive or discriminatory attitudes with respect to gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, personal beliefs, ethnic origin, disability will be deleted.

In the most serious cases, HIT reserves the right to delete content, expel users from its spaces and report them to the moderation filters of the host social network and/or the competent authorities.

We would also like to remind you of the responsibilities arising from the possible publication of data or information of a professional nature that may damage the intellectual property, image, reputation, productivity and profitability of HIT or that may violate the contractual and legal obligations connected to the relationship with the Foundation.

As far as HIT employees and collaborators are concerned, the rules contained in the HIT Code of Conduct apply. In particular, for the protection of confidential information and the integrity of the Foundation, the use of social media even outside the work context must take place in a responsible manner, without divulging confidential information and always distinguishing between personal and professional communications. HIT distances itself from personal content that contains insults, vulgarity, threats, violent, offensive or discriminatory attitudes with respect to gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, personal convictions, ethnic origins, or disability, and will consider the possibility of taking disciplinary action if this has repercussions on work. Finally, it is absolutely forbidden to spread false news.

Protection of personal data

The processing of users’ personal data complies with the policies in use on the platforms used. Personal data included in public comments or posts within HIT’s official social profiles may be removed. The data shared by users through private messages sent directly to the manager of the official social profiles will be processed in compliance with the regulations in force on the protection of personal data and with the Privacy Policy on the HIT website.


For all information, questions, reports that do not fall under the policy or that are of an urgent nature and have not been answered, please contact us by sending an e-mail to the following address: info@trentinoinnovation.eu