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Resilience to the pandemic: what we have learned

A webinar dedicated to the experiences of adaptation, innovation and co-creation in Trentino
Published on:
17 March 2022

What did we learn from working with co-creation, open and social innovation for regional development during the pandemic? What learning experiences do we take with us for the future? What smart solutions or insights from this period will actually change our work in the future?

In a series of webinars, the Osiris partners will explore and share answers to these questions with you.

Osiris – Open Social Innovation policies driven by co-creative Regional Innovation ecosystemS – a European project in which the Autonomous Province of Trento participates, aims at defining policy actions to improve the use of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the context of the enhancement of public information asset in view of a Data Driven Economy, thanks to co-creative processes and the involvement of stakeholders. The project is funded within the Interreg Europe Call.

The first webinar out is coming from the Trentino region and will be streamed on March 28 at 15.00-16.00 CET.  The title  is “Resilience to the pandemic: what we have learned – experiences of adaptation, innovation and co-creation from Trentino region” and it will cover these topics from different perspectives.

Nicola Doppio, Innovation Officer of Hub Innovation Trento (HIT) will talk about “Innovation challenges and UX challenges during the pandemic” and cover issues around how pandemic restrictions interrupted co-creative activities, how HIT adapted its challenge model and lessons learned.

Alessandro Gretterof FEM (Edmund Mach Fundation) will introduce us to the case of the SATURN project: dealing with pandemics and reacting. This is an EU project which has just elaborated an interesting study on the effect of the pandemic in some regions and on the effectiveness of tolls for recovery based on the interactions between rural and urban areas.

The webinar will be moderated by Elisa Morganti of HIT (Hub Innovation Trentino) and she will guide us through the topics.

The webinar will be streamed on the project’s YouTube channel. The live chat on the YouTube channel will be used for your questions and comments.

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