The Vanguard Initiative is pioneering a new approach to support EU industry internationalisation and competitiveness by bringing regions (and clusters) together to:

  • discuss common objectives and find complementarities,
  • map and better understand regions’ industrial competencies and capabilities,
  • develop joint strategic action plans (building critical mass and complementary specialisations) and,
  • align strategic investments arising from these roadmaps.


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The project

The Vanguard Initiative is a network of 30 EU States which are politically committed to revitalising European industrial growth by leading by example in boosting growth, competitiveness and innovation in their regions. This should be done by improving the alignment between regional areas of strength and enabling co-investment, on the basis of regional smart specialisation strategies.


These investments will strengthen Europe’s competitive capacity to lead in new industries in the future and develop lead markets that offer solutions to our common challenges.