1/1/2017- 12/31/2017

  • Acceleration & Entrepreneurship

  • Education to entrepreneurship
  • Incubation
  • Start up
  • Teamwork
  • Tutoring


TOP STARS identifies currently available techniques to improve the everyday life and business activities. Topics of challenges proposed by the companies are introduced while promoting feasible solutions on both technical and business aspect.

Enhancing I&E skills to achieve a clear business proposition remains the key objective of the summer school.

The project

The partnership proposes a summer school distributed over two weeks where a traditional lecturing approach morphs into a real challenge with a final prize and the access to higher level mentoring in an in-cubator.

Technical skills, know-how and personal creativity will have to be shared in a team competition to propose innovative solutions to real problems in the Raw Materials field. After a technical refresher used as levelling stage, tutoring and mentoring in the I&E component will help to provide students with a different perspective: from spectators to actors, ready to present their ideas in a quick and effective way to capture the business opportunities hidden in the real world.

Education is more effective when its results are oriented as potential solution to societal problems and business opportunities.


  1. Accordo tra i partner sulle rispettive azioni necessarie per produrre il contenuto del modulo, il programma accademico e l’approccio metodologico della scuola estiva.
  2. Identificazione insieme ai partner industriali di sfide da svolgere nella scuola estiva.
  3. Check-list delle attività legate agli aspetti logistici e organizzativi della scuola estiva.


Not yet available

The team

Milena Bigatto
Education Officer

Elena Petrucciano
I&E Officer