The goal is to create new, better occupation and growth of enterprises that work in the smart living technologies sector and to strength the collaboration between Public Private Organisations that work in this sector.

Smart Living Technologies in numbers


Great innovative projects of research and education

The project

The Smart Living Technologies Cluster is an initiative of the Italian Ministry of Research and is designed to operate predominantly at different levels and degrees to achieve a significant research ability and critical mass, end-user engagement and maturity and aggregation experience in relation to the integration between industry-end-user research and public policies.


The cluster was born to operate at different levels and degrees, and to achieve these objectives:

  • Capacity of research and critical mass – scientific excellence in the area of interest;
  • Industrial Leadership – number and size of enterprises and their presence in the market;
  • Participation of End Users – link to needs of users and consumers;
  • Maturity and experience of aggregation – link to integration between research- enterprises- end users- public politics.