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The ultimate goal is to train the Master students towards a problem solving approach and provide them with the tools needed to promote their ideas with a business and innovation oriented approach.

The project

The need of T-shaped professionals in the Raw Materials industry calls for an interdisciplinary approach putting together competences in the scientific, industrial and business fields.

By combining academic learning outcomes, research and industry, the summer schools leverag-es on the know-how possessed by the students and provides the extra tools that enable them to propose solutions to industrial problems in an effective and business-oriented way.

The approach will combine frontal technical lectures with team-working since students will work for four days in teams on real challenges proposed by industrial partners, and then compete to pitch their business solution: the best team will receive an award and further help to start the business.


The programme of the summer school is finalized whether the logistic issues and the process of drafting the content of the modules is under the process.


Not avaible yet

The team

Milena Bigatto
Education Officer