1/11/2016- 30/04/2019

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  1. Initiate mutual knowledge exchange and learning of regional policy makers from different regions in involving quadruple helix actors.
  2. Facilitate innovation and gain critical mass through cluster initiatives across regions with strong technology orientation and high complementarity.
  3. Initiate trans-regional cluster to cluster cooperation.



S3-4AlpClusters in numbers


Alpine regions involved






Clusters we expect to involve in the best practice survey

The project

S3-4AlpClusters aims to better implement smart specialization strategies (S3) through clusters in order to gain sustainable and inclusive growth, generating critical mass.

The objectives are to improve framework conditions for innovation induced by clusters and SMEs and to create new jobs.

The project is divided into three main working packages (WPs): WP T1 aims to a better understanding of S3 policies throughout stress test leading to a joint transnational cluster action plan; WP T2 analyses the existing practices at cluster level conducive to a S3-based innovation model for clusters; and WP T3 delivers new management services to clusters and enterprises based on WP T1 and T2 results.


The project was launched in November 2017. The results produced so far, and published on the website, are the Project Presentation and the collection of the S3 policies in the different regions.

The team

Silvio Antonioni
Innovation Project Manager

Nicola Doppio
Innovation Officer

Luca Mion
Head of Innovation

Ilina Petkanovska
Strategic Project Officer