January 2019 - December 2020

  • Capacity building
  • Raw Materials
  • Technology Transfer


RM Tech Flow is a 2-year lifelong learning project aiming at coaching at least 180 amongst KIC Raw Materials partners’ academics and technology transfer officers in better scouting, analysing and boosting promising technologies towards market exploitation.

RMTechFlow in numbers






International partners

The project

The project will train researchers and technologists from KIC universities and research centres in developing and positioning their technologies more in line with the RM industry needs. Meanwhile, the project will train staff from technology transfer offices and innovation management agencies from the KIC in how to get organized to better support the previous. Both target audiences will be offered top-level professional learning experiences such as: A) 1,5-day face-to face workshop, featuring seminars, hands-on work on real cases, and discussion of success stories brought by a large company as speakers. B) MOOC-alike contents made available online, featuring recordings of the main workshop sessions, slides and exercises. C) Experiential learning through the participation to industry trade shows. D) Experiential learning via the provision of one-to-one technology acceleration coaching services.


On going project


The project is supported by EIT KIC Raw Materials

Project Website: https://rmtechflow.eitrawmaterials.eu/

The team

Matteo Cevese
Business Developer

Nicola Doppio
Innovation Officer


Advanced training courses for reasearchers & technology transfer professionals

RMTechFlow european project workshops will be held on 21-22 October 2020

Published March 15, 2019

Corso di alta formazione "RMTechFlow"

Un'opportunità unica per chi svolge ricerca nell'ambito dei nuovi materiali e per chi si occupa di trasferimento tecnologico

Published March 15, 2019