1/01/2018 - 31/12/2020

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  • WEEE


In a significant pedagogic innovation, REFER will raise the awareness of critical raw materials in wider society through electronics repair events. The public will attend to have their electronics repaired but in the process will be engaged in discussion and informed about pressing CRM related issues, proposed solutions, and how they can help. 

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The project will undertake the creation and establishment of a network of educational-driven, repair-based events across 6 countries in Europe, allowing people to bring their small electrical and electronic devices to be repaired. Immediately when they arrive the waiting areas will contain posters and printed materials so the engagement begins from the first moment they arrive. Attendees will then sit down with expert volunteers and staff to understand how the technology works, identify the problem and fix the device. Repairers will engage the participants in discussions on the nature of the technology, the range and amounts of CRMs and other scarce resources used and what can be done to address the lack of such resources.

HIT role in the project: Project partner; Organization of repair cafè in Trentino.



Riparaparty https://www.trentinoinnovation.eu/en/new/riparaparty-volontari-riparatori-cercasi-2/

Repair cafè @ Trento, 17.11.2018  https://www.ufficiostampa.provincia.tn.it/Comunicati/Repair-Cafe-di-HIT-a-Trento.-Love-is-in-the-Repair


Website: https://eitrawmaterials.eu/course/refer