1/01/2018 - 31/12/2020

  • fluorescence
  • mining
  • X-ray diffraction


The project aims aim at building and testing a portable instrument combining X‐ray diffraction and fluorescence. Diffraction provides the mineralogy and fluorescence the elemental composition. The combination, measurement and software wise, will fully exploit the synergies of the techniques. No instrument is on the market at the moment that can provide in a short me a complete analysis of raw materials suitable for exploration, mining and/or quality controls.

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The project

By building a new extremely compact instrument combining both techniques at the measurement and analysis level it is possible to obtain a more efficient instrument in term of costs and operations and also improves the accuracy and reliability of the geo‐mineralogy results. The instrument needs to be easily deployable, flexible to different kind of materials to analyse (powders, rocks, tailings etc.), robust (ruggedized), easy to operate and maintain and give out results directly in term of identified phases, relative amounts, chemical elements and their amount.

A small, portable, instrument to perform accurate quantitative chemical and phase analyses can lead to several advantages in the raw materials sector outside the exploration and mining field:

  • Raw materials quality controls
  • Higher materials and energy saving
  • Higher quality of final products
  • Recycling of materials
  • Air pollution controls

HIT role in the project: Feasibility study and market analysis


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The team

Silvio Antonioni
Innovation Project Manager