01/11/2015- 01/10/2016

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NASA Challenge is an initiative organized annually by NASA in a European city that offers the opportunity to companies and research groups to propose innovative solutions using the Virtual World Wind technology.
World Wind is an open source virtual globe developed by NASA – in conjunction with the open source community – providing the technology and the virtual tools to work with spatial data visually. This competition fosters new solutions to address real problems of the territory and makes the relevant research results available to the entire community of stakeholders worldwide.



NASA Challenge in numbers


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The project

The first day was focused on providing a brief state of the art of the geo-spatial technologies and a short presentation of the competing projects. The focus of second day was instead on Trentino’s challenges. Participants worked in cooperation with local stakeholders for identifying innovative solutions for increasing the quality of life in Trentino.
The third day was dedicated to the proclamation of the winners of the NASA Challenge 2016.
To ensure a long-term impact on the territory of this opportunity, a special competition track, dedicated to teams composed by students of Trentino high schools, was included in the NASA Challenge.
In this framework, HIT implemented a methodological approach, which foresaw technical and project-management support for developing the initial project-ideas presented by students’ teams into competitive projects.


The winning projects concentrated on actual social challenges such as renewable energies, seismic events and drones.

The team

Milena Bigatto
Education Officer