January 2020


Circular business models receive more attention these days. The benefits are often emphasized, however, the process to make a transition towards a circular business model is for many entrepreneurs a path with much uncertainty. Questions that are raised often concern, what will the final business model entail, what skills do we need, how will our value chain partners respond and how much time, effort and money will it take?

The project “Living Business cases for Circular Entrepreneurship” will provide insight into the transition that companies make to become circular. With the development of clear educational and training material, the project aims to help organisations to implement circular economy concepts within their line of business and to sustain profitability and efficiency, while contributing to reduce their business climate impact.

With this aim, the “Living business cases for Circular Entrepreneurship” project is working in the creation of a series of compelling videos displaying actual cases of the implementation of circular business models.

This will allow the SME to acquire a set of skills, knowledge and awareness that enable them to design, plan, set specifications and procure materials, thus tackling the main risks they face when taking those initiatives by themselves.

The results of this project will be displayed in the Climate-KIC platform.