01/01/2020 - 31/12/2021

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The iPRODUCE project (A Social Manufacturing Framework for Streamlined Multi-stakeholder Open Innovation Missions in Consumer Goods Sectors) aims to technologically advance existing DIY manufacturing concepts, FabLabs and Makerspace and apply these concepts in multi-stakeholder connected structures within the framework of collaborative production demonstration structures (cMDF).


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The democratization of innovation occurs through the integration of innovative practices by companies. The iPRODUCE project adopts well-tested concepts and approaches with the aim of extending their use especially within SMEs, which have more barriers in benefiting from collaborative approaches. For this reason, a platform will be created and it will aim to facilitate the adoption of approaches such as user driven open innovation and co-creation.


The expected outcome is the activation of an Open digital platform supported by innovative tools that will allow stakeholders to interact and cooperate through it. It will be active, monitored and evaluated in 6 local ecosystems characterized by different experiences, objectives and areas of application.


Project partners: Instituto tecnologico metalmecanico, mueble, madera, embalaje y afines-aidimme (ES), Larama sl (ES), Oceano Naranja sl (ES), Fraunhofer gesellschaft zur foerderung der angewandten forschung e.v. (DE),  Zenit Zentrum fur innovation und technik in Nordrhein-Westfalen gmbh (DE), Makerspace Bonn e v (DE), Materalia (FRA), FablabVosges (FRA), Excelcar (FRA), Energy@work società cooperativa arl (IT), Trentino Sviluppo spa (IT), Copenhagen Business school (DK), Betafactory ivs (DK), Aidplex Ike (GRE), Ethniko kentro rrevnas kai technologikis anaptyxis (GRE), Information Catalyst for enterprise ltd (UK), Siemens Aktiengesellschaft (DE), European Dynamics Luxembourg (LU), F6S network limited (UK), White research sprl (BE).

Website: https://iproduce-project.eu

HIT budget: €112,787.50

EU funding: €5,983.662.50