01/03/2021 - 28/02/2022

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The Go-DIP project aims at increasing the capacity of project partner innovation agencies to help SMEs and researchers to protect and enhance intellectual property (IP) linked to intangible assets, including data generated in the processes of digitization.

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The project

The Go-DIP project wants to raise awareness and skills to make the most of the intellectual property value of digital data and softwares, with the aim of promoting digital innovation.

According to the EASME Twinning plus methodology, three thematic workshops will be organized on three main areas: the correct and equitable use of data in innovation processes, software and data contracts and the enhancement of digital intellectual property.

The initiative will be supported by nine experts in digital IP allowing to address the issues related to it from the legal point of view of business innovation.


The evaluation, the protection and the enhancement of the intellectual property of data and software will be addressed through practical cases and the involvement in workshops of at least 60 SMEs, 9 innovation agencies, researchers and experts in the field of study. Guidelines, models and best practices will be collected and distributed through a Design Option Paper (DOP). The results will be widely communicated and disseminated by the partners and organizations supporting the Go DIP project.


Project partners: Hub Innovazione Trentino (IT),  Institut Jozef Stefan (SLO), Haute ecole specialisee de Suisse Occidentale (CH)

HIT budget: € 16.000

EU funding: € 50.000