1/1/2017- 3/31/2018

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The goal is to create an online platform to help startups find the mentor that suits their needs.

eMentor aims to setup a tailor made service for startups in the raw material field. It will establish a network of entrepreneurial mentors organised by areas and competences, and compiling the best practices to run such network. The service will be available in the whole EIT Raw Materials partners.



eMentor in numbers


TTO from 6 countries

The project

Many companies or startups have ideas that can be developed to future business. At the same time all of the eMentor project partners have an extensive experience of providing business support both in technical and non-technical aspects.

eMentor focuses in developing a network of mentors among the partners, specialised in the raw materials field and entrepreneurship that complements the capabilities of Business Developers and Thematic Officers of EIT Raw Materials.

Its role will be to facilitate the launch and escalate of new business opportunities into the market.

The mentor’s network will be organised by areas of knowledge (Marketing, Sales, Finance, IP, Governance, Technology…) in a web tool, to make it easier to end users.


Established for 2017 a road map to enroll the best mentors for a pilot project aiming to matchmake them with startups.