1/01/2018 - 31/12/2020

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ECOPADS intends to develop new brake pads for road vehicles featuring copper-free friction material, in order to eliminate the main source of copper released in urban areas. This will beneficially influence human health and environmental conditions. The novel brake pads will be certified as concerns not only the brake performances but also the particulate matter emission and a complete recycling route.

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The main objectives of ECOPADS are:

  • Development, performance assessment and production of copper‐free brake pads, that will be brought to market by Brembo, world leader in disc brake technology for automotive vehicles, supplier of brake systems for the most important manufacturers of cars, commercial vehicles and motorbikes worldwide. This kind of pads is ancipating the future standards and regulations concerning brake emissions and limitations to the usage of toxic and environmentally detrimental components, e.g., copper.
  • Design of a complete recycling procedure for brake pads, to replace the present landfill approach, considering that nowadays one third of the friction material from disc brakes is disposed at the end of life as a waste. The brake pads developed within ECOPADS will exhibit the following main positive advantages: no copper in the composition; low cost associated to the wide usage of a material, barite, usually regarded as a filler; no toxicity of barite both as concerns pad manufacturing and in service emissions; procedure for a complete end‐of‐ life recycling route

HIT role in the project:

Feasibility study and market analysis; supporting the development and delivery of high‐quality courses, fostering innovation and entrepreneurial talent embodied in students


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Silvio Antonioni
Innovation Project Manager