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The Cluster’s mission is increasing and promoting the competitiveness of the agrifood supply chain,  from agricultural production, to processing and associated industrial sectors (packaging, logistics, etc.), through the stimulation of innovation, the enhancement of the results of scientific research and the collaboration between research bodies, enterprises, institutions and public administration.

Nazional Cluster for Agrifood - CLAN in numbers




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In compliance with the Notice of MIUR of 2012  CL.USTER A.GRIFOOD N.AZIONALE CL.A.N. , was promoted by Federalimentare and Aster (President and Vice-President) and the other 24 members of the Coordination and Management Body.
Since October 2nd 2013, Cluster CL.A.N. is a non-profit Association with more than 80 members ranging from large, medium and small-sized enterprises, to universities and research centres, business associations, technological districts, nongovernmental organisations and other stakeholders active in the agrifood sector.



The Cluster ensures that the products are competitive and guaranteed in terms of security, taste and quality, and respond to the needs of an ever-changing market by successfully experimenting with advanced technologies.