01/01/2021 - 30/06/2022

  • ICT
  • Optic fiber
  • PoC


The ALPI (ALl optical signal recovery by Photonic neural network Integrated in a transceiver module) project aims to integrate a photonic neural network into an optical transceiver to increase its transmission capacity and to finance its industrialization.


ALPI in numbers


Project partners

The project

The project is a POC-ERC based on a previous ERC BACKUP. The purpose of the POC is to increase the maturity of the technologies developed in BACKUP and start the first steps of a pre-competitive development.

Based on a deep learning approach, the new device provides real-time compensation for nonlinear distortions of fiber optical signals.

HIT supports the University of Trento in defining intellectual property protection and market enhancement strategies.


The new transceiver will be designed, developed and tested under operative conditions. The first steps will then be taken to move from the demonstrator to the industrialization of the improved transceiver. To this end, it is planned to file patents, identify an enhancement strategy and develop a business plan in partnership with semiconductor, telecommunications and IT companies.




Project partners: Università di Trento (Physics Department) (IT), Hub Innovazione Trentino – HIT (IT).

Website: https://r1.unitn.it/back-up/erc-poc-alpi-project/

HIT Budget: €25,00.00

EU budget: €150,00.00