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Open Office 2018 @ CLab Trento

Book your 20 minutes appointment with our experts and mentors
Published on:
10 May 2018

The calendar of appointments to Open Office 2018 is open. First appointment on May 17th.

Do you have a business idea and you would like to discuss it with someone competent? Or maybe it’s just a feeling of a potentially interesting solution for some challenge people might be having? Or maybe you already developed your idea and founded your own startup but you would like to confront with someone more experienced?

Search no more! Our CLab Open Office initiative is just a solution for you.

Our experienced mentors and experts are eager to meet you, discuss your ideas and give you their best advice.

You’ll have 20 minutes to you’ll present your business idea, your plans and needs and receive meaningful and valuable feedback containing suggestions, information and even useful contacts that might help you develop or improve your idea or startup.

You can book your appointment here!

We’re looking forward to meeting you.


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