EIT Manufacturing call to support european SMEs

EIT Manufacturing, the Community of the European Institute of Innovation and main initiative promoting advanced manufacturing at the European level of which HIT is a partner, has opened the “SME Transform Call 2021“, aiming to support SMEs that want to implement a transformation project in their production systems to bring them to a higher level of competitiveness.

The planned financial support is overall of 1 M€.

Who can apply?

  • Companies that want to transform their production lines or systems.
  • Companies that meet the EU-defined description of an SME: “less than 250 employees … annual turnover not exceeding EUR 50 million … and/or an annual total budget not exceeding EUR 43 million”.
  • European manufacturing companies with headquarters established in any Horizon Europe country and a significant commercial or industrial presence in other Horizon Europe countries. Commercial presence is defined as greater than 20% of a company’s sales while industrial presence is defined as greater than 20% of a company’s workforce.

What can be requested?

Dedicated expert support for project implementation and financial support up to 150K€.

Application deadline: September 30, 2021.