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Vanguard Initiative

Vanguard Initiative was created to support European interregional cooperation.

Specifically, this initiative identifies common objectives, studies the industrial capabilities of individual regions and territories, develops strategic action and investment plans. The Vanguard Initiative is divided into a network of 39 european regions, committed to revitalizing industrial growth. Vanguard Initiative is introducing a new approach to the internationalization and competitiveness of EU industry, leading regions (and clusters) to:

  • discuss common goals and find complementary aspects;
  • describe and better understand the industrial skills and capabilities of the regions;
  • develop common strategic action plans (critical mass construction and complementary specializations);
  • align strategic investments resulting from these roadmaps.

Vanguard Initiative in numbers

  • 30 States
  • 28 Regions
  • 5 Projects carried out

Vanguard Initiative

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