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SERN – Startup Europe Region Network

SERN is a European Commission initiative that creates links between ecosystems.

It focuses on connecting people and local ecosystems, raising international awareness, and acting as a one-stop-shop to provide information for startups. Initially focused on ICT and web startups, it has recently expanded to all startups. SERN's purpose is to strengthen the connection between national authorities, development agencies, universities and associations that build and expand startup ecosystems at a regional level in Europe. To do this, SERN is committed to:

  • Promoting business support in Europe for startups and entrepreneurship
  • Collecting best practices, highlighting the most effective ones
  • Facilitating networking between countries
  • Mobilizing regional resources to address issues related to startup growth

SERN in numbers

  • 5 Projects
  • +60 Partners involved

SERN – Startup Europe Region Network

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