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BSR – Blue Ski Research

three smart devices to be used first by professionals and then cascading down to the amateur levels: Smart Goggles (SG), that: 1. Act as an Head Up Display (HUD) to provide in real time telemetry readings (speed, intermediate times, color coded time differences between runs, etc); Use AR to reconstruct from special markers on tracks the gate position and project it on the HUD, thus eliminating the presence of physical obstacles on racing pistes; Visualise on the HUD the optimal trajectory given the piste, equipment and skier characteristics. 2. Smart Bindings (SB), capable of disengaging the skis when a fall is detected, no matter how hard the binding has been set at start to avoid accidental releases. 3. Smart skis (SSk), equipped with sensors (torque, accelerometers, etc) providing telemetry readings during training sessions to help ski-men and/or constructors improve the ski performance.

BSR – Blue Ski Research

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