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Contamination Lab

Contamination Lab (CLab) in Trento is a project managed in partnership with the University of Trento, and also marks the second headquarters of HIT. It is located in Via Tommaso Gar, in the city center.

CLab Trento promotes entrepreneurial culture through initiatives involving a practical and experimental approach, which enhances teamwork and creativity. It is also a physical place, with courses, initiatives and coworking sessions organized in collaboration with companies, research institutes and local associations.

As part of the contamination process, mentors have the task to encourage networking, and design training courses with the goal of practical experimentation, including opportunities for interaction and working together..

Projects and events at CLab Trento aim to encourage participants to:

  • acquire basic and advanced skills in developing business ideas;
  • put these skills into practice in the development of innovation projects;
  • increase interaction opportunities in the local ecosystem;
  • stimulate high-quality international mobility;
  • support projects further by introducing them to pre/incubation/acceleration platforms, within the local, national and international ecosystem.
Projects carried out
Mentors involved
Students involved
Startups started

CLab Trento is part of a national project introduced by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Ministry of Economic Development, in line with the European Commission’s business creation spirit.

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