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Research Technologies

We promote and enhance the know-how and intellectual property of Trentino research institutions through agreements and collaborations with economic operators including SMEs, corporations, venture funds for the development of technologies and products. To date, we identified over 200 new technologies created by our scientific founders.

Research Technologies

We support our research institutions in liaising with companies, private investors, non-profit operators and PA interested in innovating their business through the skills and technologies of the Trentino research system. All profits are reinvested in research activities.

One of the main focuses of our activities is the technological reinforcement of intelligent specialization areas, identified by the Autonomous Province of Trento as part of the Smart Specialization Strategy 2021-2027. We contributed to drafting the following content:

  • Sustainability, mountains and energy resources
  • ICT and digital transformation
  • Health, nutrition and lifestyle
  • Smart industry

Technologies and skills portfolio

Agrifood and nutrition

Research and technologies for nutritional characteristics of several agrifood products using modern platforms and infrastructures, e.g, metabolomics, stable isotopes, sensory panels. Molecolar tools and statistical models applied in the field of molecular ecology to understand the distribution and adaptation of native and alien species (plants, animals, and insects).

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Artificial intelligence and digital technologies

Research and technologies for new system and process development using research results in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and complex data analytics as key enabling technologies for real world applications.

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Automation, mechatronics and robotics

Top notch research deployment in the field of mechanical, electrical, computer engineering, and computer science which provide industry with innovative technologies and competences for fast-changing driven world.

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Biotech and life science

State-of-the-art core facilities and cutting-edge research, including Armenise-Harvard and Dulbecco-Telethon laboratories, organised as a R&I centre designed to unravel and tackle the key issues in cancer biology & genomics, cell & molecular biology, microbiology & synthetic biology, and neurobiology & development, taking advantage of and developing new bioinformatics and computational biology tools.

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Energy and sustainable industry

Theoretical and practical knowledge with state of the art technologies development for energy and sustainability sector. Hydrogen, smart mobility and green buildings are the main applications under developments. Capabilities on simulation and design for complex energy systems.

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Healthcare and medtech

Cutting-edge research and technologies to provide solutions in e-health and medtech, personalised medicine and diagnostics, brain and neuroscience, rehabilitation and accessibility taking advantage of and developing new computational models and tools.

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Quantum technologies, photonics and communications

Research and developments of cutting-edge technologies related to the whole sector of quantum technologies, photonics, communications and electromagnetic fileds.

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Smart materials and microsystems

Development of functional materials and integration technologies for advanced components, microsystems, and structural parts, material synthesis and characterization, manufacturing process tuning and to the proof of function in prototypical systems with industry standards and requirements.

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