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UX Challenge 2023 – Selected companies and products


UX23-logo Alysso

Alysso is a Trento-based company established in 2012 by GisItalia. It is specialized in the design and development of cross-platform GIS solutions, with a focus on cadastre (roads, land, and buildings), technological networks, spatial data infrastructure, and regional topographic databases. In recent years it has expanded its offerings to include real estate management.

The company wants to improve the interface and usability of a new product (currently in beta testing) and add to the interface extra features. It is a web-based SasS that enhances the real estate assets of public and large private entities by creating a digital property registry through 2D and 3D representations of properties on maps.

UX23-logo Arcoda

Arcoda is a company based in Trento that develops technology solutions designed for utilities and, more generally, for those called upon to manage workforce on the ground. Arcoda’s products are characterized by innovation applied to technologies aimed at workforce management and the operations sector.

The challenge provided by Arcoda involves the integration of new geolocation functions into an app already on the market (Arcoda Sat). The current app, available for Android and iOS, is based on a platform that geolocalizes vehicle fleets in real-time, capturing their geographic location and telemetry, and displaying the vehicles on a map with related information.

UX23-logo Atotus

Atotus is a start-up founded in 2021 and based in Vezzano, Trento. It is a circular economy platform in the fashion world, that developed a circuit which operates in recycling, upcycling, and reuse. It has a collection point for used garments and the sale of new and sustainable clothing, also available online. The circuit is based on a digital currency system that serves as an incentive for the end consumer and businesses involved, and as a sustainability meter.

The proposed Challenge is to optimize the interface of the platform and integrate two new sections dedicated to Schools and Businesses, to guide and engage people according to their potential role in the circuit.

UX23-logo ewo

ewo is a family-owned company based in Kurtatsch, South Tyrol. It makes advanced lighting systems for public spaces: streets, squares, pedestrian paths, buildings, urban areas of interest and airports. The element behind ewo’s modular technology is an LED unit for the realization of sustainable solutions with low energy consumption and no size limits.

The product provided for the challenge is a cloud platform for smart lighting that allows the user to control (turn on, turn off, restart the smart module) and plan advanced lighting scenes of one or more light points in a public space, represented on a map. The goal aimed at is the improvement representation of information on the map and simplifying user interaction.

UX23-logo FAR Networks

FAR Networks is one of Italy’s leading System Integrators, recognized in the market as an innovative company capable of bringing value and innovation to different business contexts. Our areas of intervention are related to the digitization of processes in remote working, providing people with tools that facilitate daily work in the office and remotely.

The company brings one of its products: FAR Booking, a platform that simplifies and facilitates the Employee Experience in the organization of one’s daily work, in-person or remotely, offering multiple ways of use. The goal to be achieved is twofold: on one hand, the improvement of the interface in terms of UX, and on the other hand, the identification of a future employee experience scenario with the aim of integrating new functions – not imagined yet – into the platform.

UX23-logo Forel

Forel, founded in 1976, is an Italian company specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of machines for processing flat and insulating glass.

The challenge set by Forel is to evaluate the usability of the interface of one of their machines. The machine is controlled via HMI by a machine operator, who controls production and manual handling. Specifically, they want to evaluate the interactivity and usability of the interface at all production stages and at the time of operator error reporting.

UX23-logo Terranova

For more than 20 years, Terranova‘s mission has been to invest in research and education to lead the Utility world in the digital transformation process through innovative solutions that exceed market standards and create value and sustainability.

TWFA app is the product brought by the company. It is part of the TWFM suite, which enables the management of all Utilities’ field activities inherent in gas, electricity, or water distribution assets. The goal is to make the agenda interface more user-friendly and integrate voice-assistance software into the app. The result must be inclusive and accessible to people with visual impairments.

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