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UX Challenge – Companies and products selected


2024 – POSITIVE Impact UX Challenge


Cooperative A.L.P.I. scs is a social work integration cooperative established in Trento in 1990 with the aim of providing and creating job opportunities for individuals facing specific difficulties.

Enhance the user experience of the MIOTUTOR App, a tool currently utilized within the cooperative by operators and team leaders to facilitate, streamline, and make the observation, monitoring, and evaluation of job integration projects more objective and efficient.


CS4 is a social cooperative based in Pergine Valsugana that promotes projects fostering social inclusion within the community, seeking collaborative spaces where individuals with disabilities can feel valued and become a resource for others.

The challenge provided by CS4 involves designing the user experience of a new application (or set of applications) intended for users with certified psychophysical disabilities involved in the cooperative’s independent living program.


Impact Hub Trento provides coworking services and business consultancy. It is also involved in local projects and events to create connections among entities, associations, businesses, and freelancers for the development of the entrepreneurial and social fabric.

The proposed Challenge is to devise and design the concept of a tool (app or web app) to track the connections generated within the Impact Hub community, making the impact we have on the community more visible and further promoting the creation of connections and community growth.

La Coccinella_UX24

The social cooperative La Coccinella was established in 1995 with the aim of addressing the need for families to have services for children under the age of 3. In addition to managing nurseries in many municipalities in the Non-Valley and other areas of Trentino, it also organizes activities for parents, summer camps, and cultural events (festivals, gatherings, shows, exhibitions).

The provided challenge is to design the user experience of a diary app aimed at parents with two main functions: 1. keep track of the significant moments in the child’s socio-educational and cultural development; 2. provide personalized pedagogical and educational advice based on the parents’ interests, targeted reading recommendations, and showcase social and healthcare services offered in the local area.

La Rete_UX24

Since 1988, La Rete has been working with and for individuals with disabilities and their families to enhance their quality of life, recognizing the community as a crucial space for social inclusion. Since its inception, it has been providing services tailored to individuals’ life stories, combining professional educational work with the valuable contribution of volunteers in a collaborative effort that generates social value.

The request for the Challenge is to designing new features to integrate into a new section of the website dedicated to user profiles. The profile should include (A) a section related to activity planning, accessible to users’ families, which must interact directly with La Rete’s administration and the social/educational assistants supporting the user. (B) An archival section where contracts and agreements for each user are recorded.

Previous editions


UX23-logo Alysso

Alysso is a Trento-based company established in 2012 by GisItalia. It is specialized in the design and development of cross-platform GIS solutions, with a focus on cadastre (roads, land, and buildings), technological networks, spatial data infrastructure, and regional topographic databases. In recent years it has expanded its offerings to include real estate management.

The company wants to improve the interface and usability of a new product (currently in beta testing) and add to the interface extra features. It is a web-based SasS that enhances the real estate assets of public and large private entities by creating a digital property registry through 2D and 3D representations of properties on maps.

UX23-logo Arcoda

Arcoda is a company based in Trento that develops technology solutions designed for utilities and, more generally, for those called upon to manage workforce on the ground. Arcoda’s products are characterized by innovation applied to technologies aimed at workforce management and the operations sector.

The challenge provided by Arcoda involves the integration of new geolocation functions into an app already on the market (Arcoda Sat). The current app, available for Android and iOS, is based on a platform that geolocalizes vehicle fleets in real-time, capturing their geographic location and telemetry, and displaying the vehicles on a map with related information.

UX23-logo Atotus

Atotus is a start-up founded in 2021 and based in Vezzano, Trento. It is a circular economy platform in the fashion world, that developed a circuit which operates in recycling, upcycling, and reuse. It has a collection point for used garments and the sale of new and sustainable clothing, also available online. The circuit is based on a digital currency system that serves as an incentive for the end consumer and businesses involved, and as a sustainability meter.

The proposed Challenge is to optimize the interface of the platform and integrate two new sections dedicated to Schools and Businesses, to guide and engage people according to their potential role in the circuit.

UX23-logo ewo

ewo is a family-owned company based in Kurtatsch, South Tyrol. It makes advanced lighting systems for public spaces: streets, squares, pedestrian paths, buildings, urban areas of interest and airports. The element behind ewo’s modular technology is an LED unit for the realization of sustainable solutions with low energy consumption and no size limits.

The product provided for the challenge is a cloud platform for smart lighting that allows the user to control (turn on, turn off, restart the smart module) and plan advanced lighting scenes of one or more light points in a public space, represented on a map. The goal aimed at is the improvement representation of information on the map and simplifying user interaction.

UX23-logo FAR Networks

FAR Networks is one of Italy’s leading System Integrators, recognized in the market as an innovative company capable of bringing value and innovation to different business contexts. Our areas of intervention are related to the digitization of processes in remote working, providing people with tools that facilitate daily work in the office and remotely.

The company brings one of its products: FAR Booking, a platform that simplifies and facilitates the Employee Experience in the organization of one’s daily work, in-person or remotely, offering multiple ways of use. The goal to be achieved is twofold: on one hand, the improvement of the interface in terms of UX, and on the other hand, the identification of a future employee experience scenario with the aim of integrating new functions – not imagined yet – into the platform.

UX23-logo Forel

Forel, founded in 1976, is an Italian company specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of machines for processing flat and insulating glass.

The challenge set by Forel is to evaluate the usability of the interface of one of their machines. The machine is controlled via HMI by a machine operator, who controls production and manual handling. Specifically, they want to evaluate the interactivity and usability of the interface at all production stages and at the time of operator error reporting.

UX23-logo Terranova

For more than 20 years, Terranova‘s mission has been to invest in research and education to lead the Utility world in the digital transformation process through innovative solutions that exceed market standards and create value and sustainability.

TWFA app is the product brought by the company. It is part of the TWFM suite, which enables the management of all Utilities’ field activities inherent in gas, electricity, or water distribution assets. The goal is to make the agenda interface more user-friendly and integrate voice-assistance software into the app. The result must be inclusive and accessible to people with visual impairments.



BLM group is a world leading manufacturer of high precision and high performance laser cutting and sawing machines, CNC bending and end-forming machines.


Energenius is an innovative start-up with high know-how and technological content born from synergy between energy managers and engineers in the monitoring and analysis of energy measures.


Marangoni Machinery is a brand of Marangoni Meccanica SpA. Since the sixties, the company has been offering the most sophisticated manufacturing technologies to the most demanding tire markets worldwide.


Pama is a company based in Rovereto that for more than 90 years has been manufacturing boring-milling machines and machining centers and is nowadays leader among large machine tools manufacturers.


PerVoice as born in 2007 as a spin-off of the research laboratories of Fondazione Bruno Kessler. It was the first Italian company to offer a complete portfolio of technological solutions for voice recognition, today available in over 30 language.


Sartori Ambiente, based in Arco, creates efficient separate waste collection systems and containers, which combine good load capacities, easy emptying, small size and a pleasant design.


Starpool is a company founded in 1975, based in Ziano di Fiemme. It deals with the construction, purchase, management of swimming pools, saunas, gymnasiums, sports centers or similar activities relating directly or indirectly to the care and harmonious development of the human body.



ActivePager is based in Trento. “ActivePager” is a software platform used by volunteers and professionals from bodies such as the Fire Brigade, Civil Protection, Mountain Rescue, as well as health care, to support rescue and emergency management activities. It guarantees real-time alerting and data provision during the emergency, as well as management of activities (master data, training, warehouse) in peacetime.


B-ZERO SRL is based in Rovereto (TN), and is a company owned by Confcommercio, Trentino Sviluppo and Forbes. It deals with software development integrated with new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and cloud. B-zero develops “Notarify”, a software that allows companies, public administrations, associated studies of notaries, lawyers, accountants, photographers, graphic designers (and others) to improve the management of the validity and storage of documents, allowing automatic certification with time stamp on blockchain; encrypted cloud storage, remote video-biometric signature, and secure sharing with customisable privacy.


Besser Vacuum is based in Vodnjan (UD), and manufactures machinery and consumables for packaging, the Ho.re.ca sector and the food industry, and is participating with a “physical” product: the “SmartPro” vacuum chamber, useful for vacuum packaging in high level catering, and equipped with a new i.o.t. touch display with advanced functions: automatic program setting based on the type of food, self-diagnosis, cloud connection for Haccp traceability.


Boom Image Studio is a Milan-based photo-tech startup providing on-demand photo solutions at scale for clients in over 80 countries. “BOOM Order System” standardises the end-to-end photo production cycle for global companies, allowing corporate clients to order all the photo services they need in seconds and receive the finished result in just 24 hours.


CBA Informatica is based in Rovereto (TN), and develops software for the social and healthcare sector. The “ParlaConNoi” app makes it possible to improve communication and sharing (also through photographs and messages) between operators of social and health care facilities and family members of patients within these facilities, as well as allowing family members to book their own visit to the facility, in line with the new COVID19 regulations. Challenge: to redesign specific functionalities to optimise the operator-side user experience in order to improve the effectiveness of communication with family members and save time.



Coges is based in Schio (VI), and designs and manufactures payment systems for vending machines. “Nebular Pay App” is the new payment app that integrates or replaces the key or other physical media currently used to pay at a vending machine. Challenge: to analyse the usability of the current version of the product and competing products, identify any pains, develop solutions to improve UX also in the form of wireframes and mockups.


Engagigo, with registered office in Parma and local unit in Rovereto (TN), develops the endu.net web platform for B2B and B2C services in the sports sector, particularly for endurance disciplines. “ENDUpix” is a webapp that allows the automatic matching of photos taken during a sporting event to the person photographed, allowing delivery within a few hours and full respect for privacy.


Medicaltech is based in Rovereto (TN) and develops and supplies cutting-edge telemedicine diagnostic systems for chronic pathologies, prevention, rehabilitation and continuity of care. “S.T.A.I. SICURO” (Telemedicine System of Integrated Care) is a digital clinic that allows the doctor to carry out active surveillance of the patient: it allows tele-visits and the collection, even from the patient’s home, of cardiological, pneumological and metabolic vital parameters.


Novotic is based in Rovereto (TN), and designs, develops and programs robotic systems for the automation of manufacturing industrial production processes. “Novotic Configurator” is a windows-based software integrated with company MES and ERP used by specialist operators, maintenance technicians and production managers, for parameterisation, control and management of machinery and manual workstations with production process tracking.


Praim is a Trento-based technology company that develops software and manufactures hardware solutions for the deployment, control and efficient management of endpoints (digital workplaces). “ThinMan” is a console for the administration and centralised management of all corporate devices and workstations, whether in the local or remote office or on the move. With ThinMan, the IT administrator can activate a new fully compliant workplace in a few clicks and offer remote support quickly. ThinMan automates most of the device management tasks, including scheduling updates, setting authentication or power saving policies, customizing the experience according to the end user who is dynamically accessing the device.


TXC2 is a Trento-based ICT startup that develops services in the field of edtech. “Dad.d.y” is a service used by teachers and students, but also by professionals, which automatically generates personalised summaries of lessons or meetings a user attends through digital platforms such as, for example, Meet, Zoom, Teams.


Zupit is a software development company in Trento that intends to optimise its internal planning and control processes. It intends to equip itself with a “Workload Planning Tool”, which allows team leaders and management to manage the planning and workload of staff on each order/project, starting from the available data (workforce, orders), and to understand the overall picture also in a graphical way.



Deenova offers highly innovative services to hospitals and care facilities for the tracking and management of drugs and medical devices. Through the interaction of software, automated technologies and specialist services, Deenova helps to create hospitals that are more efficient, easier to manage and safer for patients. Deenova is participating in UX Challenge 2019 with SOFIA®, the software solution for the computerized management of processes related to the prescription and administration of drugs and the management of medical devices in hospitals.


Nevicam deals with software development and service provision for remote control and environmental monitoring and sustainable mobility. One of the main services offered by Nevicam is Nevicam CSMS, a software platform for the management of charging networks for electric vehicles. The software includes all aspects of network management and user-facing functionalities necessary for charging the vehicle. Nevicam is exhibiting at UX Challenge 2019 with EVSP (Electric Vehicle Software Platform), a frontend application that allows electric vehicle owners to interact with charging networks.


TechnoAlpin offers tailor-made snow-making systems and snow guns which are characterized by quality, efficiency and reliability. Driven by a passion for the best snow, since 1990 TechnoAlpin has been searching for optimal snowmaking solutions to ensure excellent snow quality everywhere in the world. The product that will be presented at UX Challenge 2019 by TechnoAlpin is ATASSplus Mobile, a mobile application for the remote management of snowmaking systems.


Thread Solutions deals with the design of digital services, with a particular focus on the digital health sector. Founded in 2011, Thread Solutions has taken part in a number of key projects that have led to an evolution in the digital services offered by the Autonomous Province of Trento, in the health, financial and citizen services sectors. The product that will participate in the UX Challenge is Welly Village, an application that aims to increase users’ sports activity, monitoring and helping them during the process.


Würth Phoenix is a software services company focused on producing solutions for business management, including logistics, commerce and IT systems management. Würth Phoenix is participating in UX Challenge 2019 with NetEye, a powerful software that ensures the constant monitoring of a company’s IT services by integrating information from different infrastructures and representing it in an intuitive and easily searchable way.



2ASPIRE is an innovative startup dealing with information security. Smartphone apps are increasingly piracy objects: attackers change apps fraudulently and redistribute them through unofficial channels. This is where 2ASPIRE comes in: based on its experience in software security and software engineering, the startup builds innovative security solutions for mobile apps. The product that will be presented at UX Challenge 2018 is AppCutter, a software tool composed of (i) a plug-in for the app development environment and (ii) a webapp. AppCutter allows to automatically protect the “sensitive” parts of an app, to monitor its distribution, to verify its integrity and authenticity features, and to block its execution remotely in case of hacking. AppCutter is the only industrial implementation of reactive security for mobile applications currently on the market.


C2B4FOOD is composed of professionals of various extractions whose mission is to promote the creation of value through the restructuring of agricultural and agri-food chains. The change is triggered by the comments of consumers who drive a reverse engineering process that changes the existing balance and generates new value. C2B4FOOD presents at the UX Challenge 2018 Wefrood: a web platform and service app for fruit and vegetables. The platform allows the consumer to generate a reference on the liking of the product, producer and seller from which they are supplied. “At the same time, the same platform allows the producer to be visible and to make visible their offer of products and services both in a static and dynamic form through a system of notifications addressed to users profiled according to the logic of affinity to the plant species or their geolocation and distance from the offer.


GPI, based in Trento and with over 3,900 employees, was founded in 1988 and is present with numerous branches throughout the country and abroad. The Group’s offer combines specialized IT skills, consulting and planning skills in different business areas, to public and private sector customers: Information Systems, Health Services, Logistics and Automation, Professional ICT Services and Monetics. In the last 4 years the Group has grown through the acquisition of companies with contiguous or complementary businesses and business development in Italy and abroad. Since December 2016, the Company has been listed on the AIM segment of the Italian Stock Exchange. The GPI Group closed 2017 with a consolidated turnover of € 179.9 million, an EBITDA of € 25.9 million and € 8.2 million of net profit. GPI participates in the UX Challenge 2018 presenting BusterPharma, an integrated hw/sw solution consisting of a robotized pharmaceutical cabinet that allows self-service delivery of drugs to end users.


Phoenix Informatica Bancaria Spa realizes and provides services to banks and their customers. The products produced and the services provided by the company can be classified in two large areas and, more precisely, in the development and maintenance of a banking information system (SIB2000) and in the creation, provision and management of centralized products and services. Among these we find the product that will be presented at UX Challenge 2018: Notify, an application for iOS and Android that allows customers of Banks to receive a series of push notifications related to events of Inbank (access, provision made, ..).


TERA Engineering s.r.l. is an engineering company specialized in consulting and design in the energy sector, in plants and in the environmental field, from the management of water and energy resources to the analysis of the territory for the prevention of geomorphological and environmental risks. The company structure consists of engineers for the environment and a mechanical engineer. The company participates in the UX Challenge 2018 with BlueTentacles, a hw/sw solution for the low cost retrofit of existing irrigation systems, without intervening on the hydraulic part of the plant but only on the automation part. To date, the plants are managed with a time schedule: it is irrigated every day without taking into account the real irrigation needs. The purpose is to irrigate when needed, avoiding the scheduling by irrigation management with a DSS in the cloud. Thanks to the Bluetentacles hw/sw solution, the DSS will be able to transmit the correct irrigation cycle to the existing irrigation systems on the basis of data from ground sensors, satellite data, forecast weather and feed-back of farmers. The system will be managed by a mobile User-Interface.



Founded in 2001, Archimede is a communication and web agency that brings together 24 young and dynamic online and offline communication professionals. He mainly deals with web development, mobile app projects, web marketing and digital strategy. Archimede participated in the UX Challenge with the mobile app myDuplicard , developed on behalf of the Poli Group.


Eyes Vision is an innovative start-up founded in April 2016. It deals with the development and implementation of technologically advanced systems for automatic analysis in real-time images of sports events related to the practice of tennis, thus transforming the usual game in a new experience with analyzes similar to those of the professional circuit. Eyes Vision participated in the UX Challenge with a prototype system based on smart camera and interactive totem to be installed on tennis courts to improve the gaming experience thanks to information, data and statistics on the game.


GPI, based in Trento and with over 3,600 employees, was founded in 1988 and now has numerous branches throughout the country and abroad. The Group’s offer combines specialized IT skills and consulting and planning skills in different business areas, to public and private sector customers: Information Systems, Health Services, Logistics and Robotization, Professional ICT Services and Monetics. In the last 4 years, the Group has grown through the acquisition of companies with contiguous or complementary businesses and business development in Italy and abroad. The GPI Group closed 2016 with a consolidated turnover of Euro 136.2 million, an Ebitda of Euro 20.1 million (14.8% of turnover) and Euro 6.5 million of Net Profit. GPI has created and brought to the UX Challenge the app APSS which allows the citizens of Trentino to access some important services of the Provincial Health Authority.


OC-Lab is a startup founded by OC Open Consulting dedicated to the development of software for multimedia content production via the Internet, and for the management of company know-how with new augmented reality devices (smart glass, videowall, holography, remote assistance ). OC-Lab is part of the ILIAS Group (performing platform, extremely flexible in use, intended for learning and working online) since 2004 and is located within the Meccatronica Pole of Trentino Sviluppo. OC-Lab brought to the UX Challenge HowTo Teleservice , a tele-assistance system with augmented reality based on mobile app and viewer for operators and maintainers of automatic industrial machinery or plants.


Phoenix Informatica Bancaria Spa realizes and provides services to small and medium sized banks and their customers. The products produced and the services provided by the company can be classified in two large areas and, more precisely, in the development and maintenance of a banking information system (SIB2000) and in the creation, provision and management of centralized products and services. Among these we find the services related to the world of Digital Bank, a context in strong evolution and attentive to change, within which is inserted Inbank, the Internet Banking service of Phoenix accessible both from the web with a mobile responsive site that from App native for iOS and Android (Inbank App). Inbank App , which was brought from Phoenix to the UX Challenge, it was developed with the collaboration of Dimension Srl, a Trentino company specialized in mobile development and technological innovation projects.


U-Hopper is a company that develops innovative solutions in the field of the Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence. Its clients include companies operating in commerce, advanced manufacturing and public administration. The company collaborate with universities and research centers at the international level. U-Hopper participated in the UX Challenge with a concept of chatbot that will allow citizens to interact with the public administration in an innovative way.

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