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Proto Challenge for students

Apply topological optimization techniques to real products and problems. Meet innovative companies, and challenge yourself in the redesign of industrial products.

Proto Challenge for students

Applications for the 2023 edition of the PROTO Challenge are closed

The Challenge takes place from 15 March 2023 to 23 May 2023

Proto Challenge lancio mobile (1)

Proto Challenge lancio mobile (1)

Proto Challenge lancio mobile (1)

What is the Proto Challenge?

An initiative with the aim of training and enabling companies to explore the benefits and techniques of mechanical design with advanced software to improve the performance of the product (or component) and production with additive techniques. 5 teams of young talents in the course of 10 weeks will analyze and redesign 5 products that will be selected from a commission of experts.

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pexels photo 212286 1

How does it work?

Groups of students with different backgrounds will have from March to May to analyze and redesign real products and components (metal or plastic) in such a way that they can be producible using additive manufacturing techniques. The Challenge is designed for industrial and materials engineering, physics, math, economics and management students (even if anyone can apply).


Why shoul I participate?

During the PROTO Challenge you will apply the Finite Element Analysis to an existing product with a relevant company in the sector. You will use Advanced features to optimize product performance (e.g. lightness and rigidity) and to make it producible with additive or hybrid manufacturing techniques. Besides a winning team will receive a 3D mouse as a prize.

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Who can participate?

Applications are open to all students and doctoral candidate enrolled at the University of Trento and those who have obtained a title at this institute within the last 18 months. A commission appointed by HIT will identify students (Solvers) who will be able to participate in the Challenge and train the teams (also taking into account student preferences). The criteria are specified in the Notice.

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The Challenge takes place from 15 March to 23 May 2023

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