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Proto Challenge for companies

Apply a product or a component: a team of young talents will redesign it with advanced software with the aim of improving its performance and make it producible with additive manufacturing techniques.

Proto Challenge for companies

Applications are closed

The Challenge will run from 12 March to 29 May 2024

Proto Challenge lancio mobile (1)

Proto Challenge lancio mobile (1)

Proto Challenge lancio mobile (1)

What is the Proto Challenge?

An initiative with the aim of disseminating, training and enabling companies to explore the benefits and techniques of mechanical design with advanced software to improve the performance of the product (or component) and production with additive techniques. 5 teams of young talents in the course of 11 weeks will analyze and redesign 5 products that will be selected from a commission of experts.

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pexels photo 212286 1

pexels photo 212286 1

How does it work?

The company has to nominate a product or component (metal or plastic) with related challenges and optimisation goals (e.g. lightening, stiffening), and boundary conditions. Over the course of about 11 weeks, a team of young talents will use advanced software to redesign the product and deliver a new 3D CAD to the company.


Why should my company participate?

In just 11 weeks the company obtains an optimized re-design solution (3D CAD) of an owned product, to be possibly prototyped or produced with additive and hybrid techniques, as well as via traditional techniques – yet with lower costs and other benefits. Beyond the output, it is a unique opportunity to develop specialist know-how quickly and at no cost.

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Which companies can participate?

All manufacturing or design companies can participate in the PROTO Challenge. To apply a product (element or component) simply fill out the form in all it’s parts. A committee will select the products according to the criteria mentioned in the Notice. We recommend that you carefully read the Notice before applying for a product.

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imprese selezionate_challenge

Selected companies from previous editions

Discover the products and companies that have participated in previous editions of the PROTO Challenge!



All the participants in the PROTO Challenge (Solvers, Mentors and Experts) will sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the selected products, the Challenge and the results produced by the Solver teams during the initiative. This confidentiality restriction remains for two (2) years from the of commencement of the Challenge.

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The Challenge will take place from 12 March to 29 May 2024

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