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Industrial AI Challenge – selected companies 2022



AI 22 - Logo DANA

Microtec AI

Dana Italia, based in Arco, it is the Italian branch of Dana Incorporated, a leader in the production of drivetrain systems for industrial and agricultural applications.

The Dana Italia Challenge requires predictive analysis of product performance based on experimental data collected over the years within the verification and validation department to obtain information on the goodness of the analytical models in use.

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Microtec AI

Microtec, founded in 1980, is a leading company in the woodworking industry. In particular, it provides automatic scanning and classification systems aimed at optimizing all phases of wood processing.

The challenge proposed by Microtec consists in the development of AI systems capable of predicting the strength of wooden boards starting from the tomography of the trunk of origin with the aim of implementing a selection of the trunks at the beginning of the process in order to reduce waste to end production

Progetto senza titolo 1

Progetto senza titolo 1

Progetto senza titolo 1

Progetto senza titolo 1

Consorzio Melinda counts today 4000 families of producer members, grouped into 16 cooperatives. Since 1989, the year of its establishment, Melinda has been committed to working and caring for the land and fruit plants in a natural way, to obtain high quality fruits, able to meet the expectations of consumers and customers and therefore to generate sustainable income for the Farmers.

The challenge presented by Melinda aims at the definition and implementation of an Artificial Intelligence system capable of making the apple cold storage process more efficient with the aim of optimizing the operating pressure of the compressors and that of the distribution temperature of the coolant.

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Deltamax AI

Deltamax, born in 1989 as a spin-off of the current FBK research center, it designs, develops and installs vision systems for product quality control in industry, in particular for the flat glass processing sector. The company creates custom solutions and offers high-tech products in the catalog, obtained thanks to constant investment in Research and Development.

The problem to investigate that Deltamax submits in this Initiative is the identification of aesthetic anomalies in the printing imprinted on flat glass plates through the processing of images resulting from non-perfect scanning acquisition.

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Pulsar Industry AI

Pulsar Industry, has offices in Spilamberto (Modena) and Rovereto (Trento). It offers complete industrial automation and factory software solutions for the food sector through the design and construction of automatic / robotic systems for the process, packaging, storage and shipping of final product.

Pulsar Industry presents a challenge aimed at producing an AI model that enables to select the best semi-finished product for feeding the slicing lines in order to obtain the least waste and increase productivity, thus improving the OEE index.

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Terranova AI

Since 2001, and thanks to a continuous process of research and renewal, Terranova has been a leader in the supply of software solutions for the Energy & Utilities market, supporting companies in the process of digitization, growth and consolidation of the business and of their position on the market.

Terranova brings a challenge to the development of an AI model capable of estimating the duration of a technical meter management activity for the gas service (replacement, installation, removal) with the aim of optimizing the agenda of the operator who performs the service.

AI 22 - Logo Vetrosistem

7. Vetrosistem

7. Vetrosistem

7. Vetrosistem

Vetrosistem is a Trentino company based in Isera, a benchmark in flat glass processing. It designs and manufactures high energy performance insulating glass windows and markets glass furniture products.

Vetrosistem launches a challenge that aims to understand and predict the processing times of insulating glass units, starting from the statistical data provided by the machines that perform the process (from cutting to assembly). Such predictive system gives objective knowledge of the production process and enables strategic and operational choices to be made that increase productivity, efficiency and quality in lean manufacturing.

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