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AI Challenge for companies

Do you want to optimise and make intelligent processes in your company? Apply now! A team of students will work on data to develop predictive models for decision support.

AI Challenge for companies

Applications are open until May 31

Le Challenge will run from September to December 2024


What is the AI Challenge?

An initiative that allows the selected companies to discover and test the benefits of Artificial Intelligence for the analysis and optimization of industrial production processes thanks to the involvement of five groups of students who, in two months, will perform advanced statistical analyses and, applying Machine Learning techniques, will create predictive models based on the data provided by the selected companies.


How does it work?

The company presents an optimization challenge or a problem that needs to be solved in one or more internal processes, together with one or more relevant datasets. Over the course of 11 weeks, a team of young talents analyzes the data and develops predictive models to support decision-making processes by promoting industrial innovation of companies.


Why should my company participate?

In 11 weeks the company can obtain not only the analysis of large amounts of data previously collected, but also improve its decision-making processes thanks to the availability of predictive models capable of predicting failures, maintenance interventions, but also purchases and other actions on the supply chain and logistics. Beyond the output, it is a unique opportunity to quickly develop technical know-how and at no cost.

Immagine sito Industria AI Challenge output2

Immagine sito Industria AI Challenge output2

Immagine sito Industria AI Challenge output2


By participating in the Industrial AI Challenge, the company will acquire prototype algorithms, predictive models, and related code, which can then be further developed and industrialised with the aim of predicting and optimising key phenomena and processes, such as production planning, quality control, maintenance, and operations in logistics and supply. The intellectual property of the results belongs to the company. The results are subject to a confidentiality agreement.


Which companies can participate?

Any kind of company, provided that it presents a challenge relevant to the industrial innovation Areas described in the selection Notice. To submit a challenge, simply fill out the form in all its parts. A commission will select the challenges according to the criteria mentioned in the Notice. We recommend that you read the Notice carefully before submitting a product/dataset.



All participants in the Industrial AI Challenge (solvers, mentors) will sign a confidentiality agreement relating to the products, challenges and results produced by the teams during the initiative. The confidentiality agreement remains in effect for two years from the start of the Challenge.

imprese selezionate_challenge


imprese selezionate_challenge

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The Challenge will take place from September to December 2024

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