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Quantum technologies, photonics and communications

Research and developments of cutting-edge technologies related to the whole sector of quantum technologies, photonics, communications and electromagnetic fileds.

Quantum technologies, photonics and communications

Intelligent Sensors

Remote sensing pattern recognition technologies for supporting a digital monitoring, analysis and sustainable management of resources.

Advanced sensors sensors based on silicon technology, radiation sensors, environmental sensors, micro electro-mechanical systems.

Sensors based on silicon technology, design, development, prototyping, production, packaging and testing of innovative devices based on silicon technology, with a focused expertise on radiation sensors, environmental sensors, micro-mechanical devices for transduction, fluidic particle detection, RF-technologies, optics, Mass Flow Sensor, environmental sensors.

Mems. (micro electro-mechanical systems). Tailor-made sensors suitable for energy harvesting, wireless and network, sensor nodes, Internet of Things applications.

Quantum Techonologies

Quantum technology platform: Silicon photonics, single photon sensors (SPAD,SQUID), CMOS and ASIC design, nanolithography, nano-fabrication, single ion implantation, NEMS, RF components.

Quantum Communication Single photon sources and detectors for quantum communication, quantum random number generators, secure communications,quantum key distribution

Quantum Computing & Simulation Hybrid adiabatic optimizations, Molecular dynamics & reaction pathways on a quantum annealer, breakthroughs in cognitive, quantum simulator for open quantum system, Systems simulation of quantum field theories

Quantum Sensor and Metrology Sensors based on quantum effects, single photon sensors, imaging using entangled photons, opto-mechanical systems, Single photon sensors andintegrated sensor systems, MIR heralded single photon sources."


Photonics Systems Super-resolution microscopy,nuclear radiation detection, optical device optimization, diffraction systems and integrated photonics chips, photonic accelerators.

Photonics Sensors Production of entangled photons, integrated optical circuit, Topological photonics, Integrated quantum photonic circuits, scintillation.

BioPhotonics Neurophotonics, brain imaging and neuronal photoactivation in insect models, biological brain behaviours, neuroscience, neuromorphic photonic platforms, lasers.

5g & 6G

Management system & Architectures Software-Defined Network (SDN) based ad-hoc networks, machine learning and deep learning solutions for communication and networking, cloud computing, network security, smart cities, e-health, intelligent systemsm 6G wireless technology.

Electromagnetic decision support systems, electromagnetic inverse scattering, evolutionary algorithms, inverse problem, phased arrays, radars sampling method, wireless networks, wireless power transmission.

Mems (micro electro-mechanical systems), tailor-made sensors suitable for energy harvesting, wireless and network, sensor nodes

Internet of Things, energy harvesting, wireless and network sensors, sensory nodes.

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