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Energy and sustainable industry

Theoretical and practical knowledge with state of the art technologies development for energy and sustainability sector. Hydrogen, smart mobility and green buildings are the main applications under developments. Capabilities on simulation and design for complex energy systems.

Energy and sustainable industry

Energy Harvesting and Hydrogen System

Micro-generators for mechanical energy conversion.

Storage chemical hydrogen storage, energy backup system, green hydrogen

Solar concentrator applications, solar fuels.

Mini hydropower energy, open wind turbines, hydrogen fuelled turbines, hydrogen generation from renewable sources.

Energetic Enhancement of Biomass

Transformation and management of biomass, recycling of organic waste.

Waste and biomasses anaerobic dry digestion.

Crops of organic fertilizers from waste and refuse biomasses.

Supercritical water gasification and hydrothermal carbonization.

Simulation, Modelling and Measuring Systems

Dynamic modelling of energy systems

Analysis, forecast and optimization of energy demand.

Energy optimization algorithms

Monitoring and measurement of electrical consumption.

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Reactions of ions with molecules of relevance for the modelling of complex organic molecules, non-thermal plasmas for the conversion of CO2 to liquid fuels, emitted flow gas sampling for industrial plants, production of liquid fuels from CO2 and renewable energy.

Smart Mobility

Advanced sensors Sensors based on silicon technology, radiation sensors, environmental sensors, micro electro - mechanical systems.

Distributed Systems Design, development and verification of embedded systems and virtual tools for automation and industrial control.

Predictive models Mathematical models and ICT platforms for high dimensional data.

Bio, Treatement and recycling, green buildings

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