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Biotech and life science

State-of-the-art core facilities and cutting-edge research, including Armenise-Harvard and Dulbecco-Telethon laboratories, organised as a R&I centre designed to unravel and tackle the key issues in cancer biology & genomics, cell & molecular biology, microbiology & synthetic biology, and neurobiology & development, taking advantage of and developing new bioinformatics and computational biology tools.

Biotech and life science

Cancer Biology & Genomics

Experimental Cancer Biology. In vitro and in vivo models mirroring human tumorigenesis and metastasis, mechanisms of resistance to therapies, epigenetic and oncogene-induced epigenetic reprogramming, tumors heterogeneity and metabolism studies, translational determinants of tumorigenesis and epitranscriptome in cancer

Brain disorder. Mechanisms in brain cancer development and neurological disorders in neural stem cells and neurons

Pre-clinical research. Identification of effective therapeutic targets, pre-clinical and co-clinical studies, prognostic and predictive biomarkers for Precision Oncology, drug design and drug screening assays

Cell & Molecular Biology

Cell division. Molecular cross-communication between cell cycle and cell death machineries, chromosome segregation biology

New approaches to drug develoment. Novel approaches for cardiac and neurodegenerative disease, model organisms and organoids, viral vectors, gene therapy and genome editing, oligonucleotides and RNA as diagnostic tools and therapeutics

Microbiology & Synthetic Biology

Artificial biology. Artificial cells, robotic interfaces, new bio-inspired materials for architecture and engineering

Microbiology. Microbial pathogens - host interactions for new antibiotic approaches, microbiome analysis and computational metagenomics, microbial communities characterization, genotype/phenotype associations

Synthetic vaccinology. Extracellular vesicles (EVs - OMV) as a vector to bio-distribute drugs and vaccines.

Neurobiology & Development

Neural development and regeneration. Axons growth and ability to find their targets, molecular mechanisms behind neurodegenerative and brain disorders, epigenetic and transcriptional profile of brain functions, stem cell and their role in diseases and tumor generation

Translational neurobiology. Neural model to elucidate the role of left-right brain asymmetry, hybrid neuron/photonics systems, biomarkers and new therapeutic approaches for neurological and neuromuscolar diseases

Bionformatics and Computational Biology

Computational biology. Computational metagenomic tools, computational methods to study cancer evolution, statistical modeling and data integration, patients and clinical data management

Biological data analysis. Bioinformatics approaches, computational strategies and algorithms for the analysis of NGS and high-density array data

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