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Automation, mechatronics and robotics

Top notch research deployment in the field of mechanical, electrical, computer engineering, and computer science which provide industry with innovative technologies and competences for fast-changing driven world.

Automation, mechatronics and robotics

Advanced Manufacturing

Smart and additive manufacturing systems, processes, monitoring and control, cognitive robots applied systems for industrial automation and production.

Cobots, manipulators, mobile robots, robot interaction man, localization, control systems.

Advance design, multidisciplinary design optimization, numerical simulation-based design, dynamic models, hydraulics and pneumatics, vibration and noise reduction.

3D optical metrology measurements and reality-based 3D reconstruction.

Intelligent Sensors

Remote sensing pattern recognition technologies for supporting a digital monitoring, analysis and sustainable management of resources.

Advanced sensors sensors based on silicon technology, radiation sensors, environmental sensors, micro electro-mechanical systems.

Sensors based on silicon technology, design, development, prototyping, production, packaging and testing of innovative devices based on silicon technology, with a focused expertise on radiation sensors, environmental sensors, micro-mechanical devices for transduction, fluidic particle detection, RF-technologies, optics, Mass Flow Sensor, environmental sensors.

Mems. (micro electro-mechanical systems). Tailor-made sensors suitable for energy harvesting, wireless and network, sensor nodes, Internet of Things applications.

Complex Data Analytics & Security

Cybersecurity Identity and Access Management Security Risk Assessment and Management, Security vs Privacy, Cyber resilient systems, Critical Infrastructures and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Data and knowledge management. Elicitation, representation, integration of knowledge & semantic services, process and data intelligence.

Deep and Structured ML and AI Prototypical and main application domains are Computer Vision and Multimedia, Natural Language Processing, and Bioinformatics.

Predictive models Mathematical models and ICT platforms for high dimensional data.

Industrial Modelling & Optimization

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, numerical simulation-based design, dynamic models, hydraulics and pneumatics, vibration and noise reduction. 3D optical metrology. Measurements and reality-based 3D reconstruction.

Optimally Make-to-Stock multi-line production system, Multiobjective Team Management, real time planning algorithm, remaining useful life prediction

Human Machine Interaction

Smart interfaces, accessibility, ergonomics systems, support decision systems, monitoring and video analytics 3D, acoustic analysis

Human Computer Interaction, ADAS, software & hardware in the loop, Co-Drivers, human sensory-motor strategies.

Augmented and Virtual reality geo-referenced information, pattern and landmark detection, camera-to-world registration, text detection in scene images, gesture and activity recognition

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