5 days part time to design and test great digital User eXperiences

5 university departements and education institutions
10 digital products or services
50 solvers selected to form 10 teams
10 mentors amongst UX researchers and design professionals
5 days part time of design and testing
1 winning team

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Improve the value proposition and usability of your digital products on the basis of sound tests with users. Collect ideas for innovation and mockups for redesign.
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A unique chance to put in practice the main methodologies of service design and UX to real products and services, along with companies and UX professionals.

Some shots from UX Challenge 2018:

What is a challenge? A challenge is an open innovation initiative that enables companies (profit or non-profit), as well as public administrations, to identify potential solutions to problems (technological, business, or design) and opportunities for innovation by leveraging specialist skills that reside outside their own organisation.
What is User Experience? It is everything the user perceives, feels and thinks while using a product or a service. UX has a direct impact on user satisfaction, and therefore on the company's business. There are methods and techniques to plan a perfect UX already in the design phase, and to minimise waste of time and resources in the development phase.
What is User Experience?
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Who are the mentors? Solver teams are supported by designers and user-researchers, professionals and researchers, who work as mentors. Being a mentor is an excellent opportunity not only to test your skills, but also to meet promising students, other professionals and companies with which you can activate future collaborations.

Discover the mentors

Format validated by the European Commission
The European Commission's EISMEA agency has funded a special Europe-wide edition of the UX Challenge in 2021 with the aim of validating the impacts of the Challenge by conducting a Randomized Control Trial of 200 companies. Find out more about the results of the study on the H2020 European project website "200SMEchallenge".

200SMEchallenge  Discover the results

200SMEChallenge PROJECT
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Wanna join as a tester? In case you are neither a company not a student (or a student who recently graduated) you can jon the UX Challenge as a tester. Testers will take part to activities by providing feedback on ideas and solutions built by solvers. To be a tester does not require any particular skill: just come with your creativity and perspicacity. To join the UX Challenge as a tester you first need to subscribe to Smart Crowds!

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UX Challenge is an initiative of Hub Innovazione Trentino realized in collaboration with:
With the support of:
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The UX Challenge is part of the European project 200SMEchallenge. This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 824212
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