Mechanical redesign with advanced software

5 industrial products or part from companies
25 selected solvers divided into 5 teams
4 university departments
10 mentors between professionals and researchers
11 weeks of analysis and mechanical redesign
1 winner team!

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Apply a product or a component: a team of young talents will redesign it with advanced software with the aim of improving its performance and make it producible with additive manufacturing techniques.
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Apply topological optimization techniques to real
products and problems. Meet innovative companies, and win
participation in a major conference on additive

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What is additive manufacturing?
Additive manufacturing refers to the set of additive manufacturing processes starting from digital models. The process starts from a 3D CAD document: a subdivision in layers is carried out through a specialized software, the resulting diagram guides the printer in the deposition, or sintering, of the material. The additive manufacturing allows great freedom in the design of the piece, removing most of the design and processing constraints, with a view to rapid prototyping.
What is topological optimization?
Topological optimization is a technique that allows to optimize the shape of a product or mechanical component starting from the 3D CAD of the product itself. Through this method it is possible to obtain innovative shapes of the components, which guarantee the desired performances in terms of static stiffness using the least amount of material possible and respecting the producibility constraints.
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What is a challenge?
A challenge is an initiative of open innovation that in a short time allows companies (profit or non-profit), but also the public administration, to identify potential solutions to problems (technological, business, or design) and opportunities for innovation by doing leverage specialist skills that reside outside of the organization.

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PROTO Challenge is a HIT initiative created in collaboration with:
The PROTO Chellenge is part of the European project INNOADDITIVE. This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870598. Furthermore, it has been adopted in the iProduce project as a best practice for supporting open innovation and co-creation activities.
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