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1. Open innovation Challenges and industrial problem solving

HIT organizes events and initiatives (Challenges) aimed at supporting companies and public administrations in innovating products and services with external innovators. HIT sources and selects researchers, students, professionals, as well as profiled end users, and set up agile initiatives during which these can work hands-on together with the client on product develompent specific tasks. Our formats are designed to deliver actionable outputs for companies within short time frame (e.g. 2 days, 1 week). IPR is managed in order to allow clients for complete exploitation of results.
In 2017 we ran an open innovation initiative allowing companies to test and re-design digital products (apps, software, websites) with the help of top notch students and professionals skilled in digital User Experience (UX) and user interface design.

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2. Service design and user-centric open innovation

Innovative companies know that involving end users in the product development process allows to deliver more valuable products with lower budgets. Doing that is not a trivial task. HIT has strong experience in supporting companies in eliciting and integrating users’ insight in the various stages of the product development process, from co-creation to testing activities.
Here is what we can do for companies willing to apply user-centric innovation methods:

    • analysis and re-design of service value proposition, user personas and stories, product ideas and mockups
    • usability evaluation, prototype tests and field trials to evaluate user experience
    • outreach and selection of end users via the Smart Crowds Territorial Lab
    • management of all methodological, administrative and legal aspects of user-centric innovation

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3. Industry-research projects for technology maturation

HIT promotes ad supports industry-academia collaborations aiming at developing and maturing innovative technologies to be integrated in existing businesses.
In particular we support the design and execution of technology “proof-of-concept” projects, allowing hi-tech companies to investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of integrating appealing technologies in their products or processes.
If you are interested in one of our available technologies, and wishes to proof its benefits for your business, please contact us and we’ll help you designing a validation project with our research associates.

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4. Access to research lab for analysis and testing purposes

Through HIT companies can easily access a rich set of R&D facilities featuring specialized instruments and know how to execute industrial tests and analysis:

    • Mechatronics prototyping facility
    • Clean room for micro-nano materials characterization and fabrication
    • Advanced instruments for chemical and physical analysis
    • High Throughput Screening, Next Generation Sequencing, Mass Spectrometry and other BIO-related facilities
    • Entomology, olfactory, agro-drug essay labs

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