The aim of E-Mining@School is to increase awareness among students (first target group) and society (second target group) in the e-waste management, the life cycle of electronic waste (reuse or recycling raw materials) and related business opportunities.

Beyond the promotion of awareness on the life-cycle of e-waste and its management, the project aims to educate over 100 European High-school students, their respective families and their local communities in at least three different countries with the issues of raw materials daily life relevance, e-waste culture and related business opportunities.


The “Digital natives” are tightly linked to their electronic media and very skilled to have a fast and wide social interconnection, they cannot imagine to live without them but they do not know that their future availability depends on material availability, included the ability to recycle e-waste.

At the same time young people and adults buy an increasing number of electronic devices and gadget for their entertainment and wellness characterized with a rapid obsolescence.

The idea is to meet students at school and involve them in an educational activity including both frontal lessons, hand-on activities, visit on facilities and labs focused on both scientific and entrepreneurial aspects.Moreover students with help of projects will organise local waste collection to compete in an international challenge. The competition will be real time through a web platform collecting information from all the teams around the Europe.T he winner will win a travel across the Europe to meet circular economy expert a European level.

The project brings together outstanding companies, SMEs, universities and research organizations and branch organizations, from Italy, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Ireland, to increase awareness and educate high school students across Europe on one of the most acute and relevant challenges that our consumer society currently faces: the large volume, technical complexity and criticality of electronic waste and related RMS.

Moreover this project is strongly connected with other two projects in the EIT Raw Materials Education Issue: E-Mining@School project and Refer project.


To this link the notice dedicated to the schools participating in the project. Here instead, the platform for schools participating in the project.

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