"I started a company today, what did you do?"

The Contamination Lab is located in Trento. It is an innovative space of interdisciplinary learning open to everyone and specifically designed to help students, city and territory to transform their ideas into reality.

HIT is the core partner of this initiative, with the key role of supporting both the design and the implementation of educational programmes as well as network activities targeted to young entrepreneurs and innovators.

The CLab is a proper ecosystem of education to innovation, designed to disseminate entrepreneurial culture among young people with the aim of stimulating entrepreneurial culture and fostering new local businesses. The wide range of educational activities provided by the Contamination Lab have namely in common a hands-on approach towards knowledge, strongly focused on practical testing and teamworking.

The main purpose is to enhance strategic skills such as resilience and willingness to put oneself out there, in order to overcome unexpected obstacles and difficulties in a creative and innovative way.

But CLab is not only that. It is also a physical place which hosts plenty of courses, workshops, educational activities and seminars organized in conjunction with companies, research institutes and local associations.

The projects activated at CLab focus on:

  • Encouraging participants to acquire both basic and advanced skills in the field of business ideas development, as well as putting them into practice while developing innovation-related projects;
  • Increasing the opportunities for interaction in the local ecosystem;
  • Stimulating high-quality international mobility;
  • Offering a technical support to innovative projects by steering them towards pre-incubation, incubation and acceleration structures both in the local and in the international ecosystem.


For more information on CLab activities, please visit the  the official Contamination Lab Trento website or the Facebook Profile.